Jan 2016

ADI Packaging Design Award @Marca 2016

The coming edition of Marca Private Label Conference and Exhibition (Bologna 13-14 January 2016) is set to present the first edition of the ADI Packaging Design Award. Created to acknowledge the most innovative products in the Italian packaging sector, the prize is the result of a project by the Association for Industrial Design (ADI).

A jury of experts, selected by Anna Tortoroglio (Art Director and teacher of packaging at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts), Fabio Bignardi (Creative Director and founder of DOC Design) and Carlo Branzaglia (President of the ADI Delegation Emilia-Romagna), will analyse the products on display on the first day of the exhibition selecting five that they consider to best combine packaging with innovation and design excellence: two in the food sector, two in the non-food sector and one honourable mention to be selected at the discretion of the jury. The products identified will go on a short list for the ADI Design Index 2016, published annually by the Association for Industrial Design, which identifies the best of Italian design in production, selected by the permanent Design Observatory of ADI, including products or product systems for all types of goods, theoretical-critical research into processes or enterprises applied to design.

The prize ceremony for the first edition of the ADI Packaging Design Award will take place on Wednesday 13th January at 5pm at the Marca Tech Packaging Lab Area – Pavilion 36 in the presence of members of the commission and representatives of MARCA.
Packaging is by definition the wrapping of a product in order to make it more appealing or to facilitate its transportation and use.
The first ADI Packaging Design Award aims to acknowledge not only the material qualities of packaging but also the less tangible aspects concerning the productive, industrial and aesthetic processes. Therefore, innovation and research will be the guiding themes for the selection.

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