Jan 2017

Growth in the premium Private Label segment

According to the new Marca/BolognaFiere Report produced by Adem Lab – University of Parma based on a survey commissioned from IRI, consumers are increasingly purchasing Private Label products in the high-quality premium segment.

The turnover growth of this segment reached 1.32 billion euros in the first 9 months of 2016 and was driven in particular by organic and premium products (organic +16.1% in value and +14.4% in volume; premium +13.8% in value and +12.4% in volume).

At the same time the range of Private Label products carried by all distribution channels was expanded with the aim of offering consumers a greater variety of choice, especially in supermarkets (1415 items, 49 more than in 2015), in self-service stores (799 items, +40) and in hypermarkets (2091 items, +6). The Private Label segment has also resumed growth in Southern Italy.

During 2016 sales growth (+0.6%) outstripped the national average, although the segment’s market share in Southern Italy still trails a long way behind the average for the country as a whole (13.2% compared to the nationwide figure of 18.5%). These and other figures will be discussed during Marca 2017.

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