Dec 2016

The Marca Inaugural Conference will discuss the challenge of new purchasing processes

The Inaugural Conference organised by ADM, the modern retail association which represents and supports member companies in their relationship with producers, will be an unmissable appointment for all exhibitors and visitors at Marca 2017. 

The theme of the conference at this 13th edition of the show will be “The private label and the challenge of new purchasing processes”. Retailers will be facing many tough challenges over the coming years as a result of constantly changing prospects, scenarios, lifestyles and food consumption patterns. To be able to keep pace with this revolution, retailers must gain a greater understanding of consumer behaviour than ever before, especially as regards the Private Label, which is becoming increasingly innovative and developing premium segments.

They must communicate and inform, promote sustainability and transparency, foster an awareness of Italian traditions and excellence, and protect employees and the fabric of SMEs. The Private Label is increasingly taking on the characteristics of an authentic brand and becoming the primary vehicle for promoting corporate image. The Inaugural Conference will address all of these issues and will present surveys and discussions of consumer behaviours and the latest tools for analysis.

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